“We’ll see Richard three or four times a year, so that’s pretty special. They always accommodated us even if it’s a very busy day. They’re excellent.  Very professional. We admire the honesty, openness and how Richard explains things to us in terms that we can understand.”



“Ernesto, Thank you for meeting with me today. I appreciate your patience with all my questions. Thank you also for taking the time to explain the different scenarios.

I always feel better after I talk with you. It is reassuring to have you in my corner for all my financial decisions."




“Daniel’s honesty and outstanding level of service has improved our financial situation and we have the utmost trust and confidence in him.”




“We are pleased to have Daniel as our financial advisor. He takes the time to understand what our financial needs are and answers any questions we may have. Daniel is professional, attentive and always looking out for our financial well-being.”



"It's more about being treated as a person and not looking at in from a business perspective, but really taking an interest in you and your family." 



"They walked through everything with us, reviewed all our finances and showed us the best way to save money and make money. Assessed our risk tolerance, went through all the ups and downs of investing and ultimately let us choose where we want to put our money" 



"I was forced to make an early career decision. But Richard and his team were there with answers and reassurances. I came out of it with, no matter what I decided to do, he was going to find a way to make it work and it has worked out that way. Richard does not tell your what you should do, he listens to you and then gives you advice..." 



“Since I switched to Investors Group, I have been impressed by Ernesto’s level of service and understanding of my finances. It’s refreshing to have someone look at the whole picture, and provide expertise on every subject. He has helped me with my Investments, Mortgage, and Insurance. I had three different advisers at the bank helping me with these. They were good, but the planning I’m getting now feels like it’s personally designed for me and my family.”


“Richard has helped in a bunch of different ways.  We have a retirement plan with him, mortgage & various different investments. The service has been excellent with everyone we have worked with, it’s been consistent throughout”